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Big Night Out with the Richland Police Department and other city businesses.

This night promotes crime and drug awareness all across the country. Usually done as block parties all over the city, this year’s Big Night Out was held at Columbia Point park in Richland. Target served hotdogs, there were 5 bounce houses, emergency vehicles, and tons of other games. Jamie and I met there, and my younger cousins found us. It was so hot we didn’t stay long, but it was still fun.

April Fool’s!

Next to Halloween, April Fool’s is my favorite holiday. I’m not really a fan of those divorced or car accident ones, I try to keep them fun and positive. Last year I was pregnant. This year I got married. (And I had a teammate to help me pull it off!)

Brian and I not only checked-in to PSC Airport, but we also checked-in to the Stratosphere in Las Vegas all before we put our “wedding” photo out on Facebook.

2011: Clearly up close, it’s been ‘shopped. But that’s kind of the fun of it.

2010: That’s just a lampshade.

Both of these worked. Well.

The trick to good lying (on April Fool’s and otherwise) is not only priming, but a reasonable and realistically weaved story- the best liars never lie, they let people assume.

80’s Bowling Night

WSU-TC has awesome events. And most of them are free to students! After the rocker shoot Megan G., Jamie and I met Brian, Josh, David and Megan S. for bowling. It was 80’s night, so our outfits fit in perfectly. Free nachos and soda, free bowling, and dancing ended a very fun Friday!

Nelly Concert

My sister, Erin, really wanted to see Nelly at the Toyota Center when he came to Tri-Cities. She was coming home to visit that weekend regardless, so we decided to attempt to surprise her with tickets. Naturally she found out. But we still had fun. It was an awesome “sister” outing. We sang along, danced along, and rocked out. Emma was a real trooper, since she had strep throat. We left after “Hot in Here,” tried to get in the wrong car, and beat all the traffic.

Ugly Christmas Game Night

Jordyn and I decided to throw a Christmas-themed game night. Rather than limit our guests to just ugly sweaters, we encouraged any type of ugly Christmas anything. We also had a white elephant gift exchange, played Loaded Questions, did holiday portraits, and handed out grab bags. It was a lot of fun. I love our game nights!