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Jordyn’s Birthday

Jordyn, one of my besties, FINALLY turned 21!!!

Let me just brag about Jordyn for a second- because she’s not your average 21 year old. She’s very smart and very mature for her age. She’s had her BA for over a year now and worked all the way through school to get it. Now she has a “grown up” job and is saving up to buy a house. She’s very funny, my Thursday date partner, Target buddy, Starbucks friend. Get us together and we can talk for hours. She’s compassionate, but will kick ass. We always have ridiculous adventures. Her style is way better than mine. Her shoe collection is to die for. She has insanely perfect white teeth, tans very well, has really nice large boobs, legs, good eye make up, gorgeous eyes, etc. And I very proud that she is my smart, hot, funny friend.

Since her birthday was on a Monday, she thought it would be fun to go to Cedar’s for drinks and appetizers. (And because rum barrels are so good…)

So, a very Happy Birthday to Jordyn!

My House: Living Room

My living room is what most people see when they come to my house. I don’t really have much to say about it.

I display the things I collect here. Most of my furniture was gone by the time I took pictures.

Postcards from a road trip along Route 66 and part of my key collection.

Part of my owl collection and the 100 year old buffet table my mom and I refinished together. I found the knobs at an antique store in Lincoln City.

More of my postcards on an old window I added hanging wire too. Most have been sent to me from the places shown (it’s what I ask for from people who travel), some are vintage.

Some of my albums given to me by various people. The Beatles one has hearts written all over the back from a previous owner and The Who one has a Hermiston Public Library stamp on it.

Some old dress forms (Lucy and Ethel).

Can you tell I love vintage? A lot of what I have has been given to me, lucky right? People see things and think of me, and suddenly I have all this cool stuff. (It doesn’t hurt that all my mom’s friends are antique dealers, and that I have awesome sisters and friends.)

I like my house to feel like a home. It’s to live in, not to look at. People pretty much just walk in when they want, a tradition carried over from my grandmother. I come home to various people, notes, and surprises. And that’s why I love where I live.

Indeed, the consumer culture has so penetrated American life that even our most intimate, personal relationships have been affected. Thus, whereas in the nineteenth century romantic partners spoke of love as mutual self-revelation, many people now “evaluate relationships by weighing their costs against the extent to which they satisfy one’s needs.” Relationships must be “monitored.” When individuals within are not satisfied, people are to “negotiate,” and relationships should be terminated when they cease to “grow.”

Rocker Girls

The rocker shoot was a blast! It consisted of me, Jamie, Erin, and Megan. Keegan was there as “manager.” Jordyn was unexpectedly called out of town, so she had to miss the main shoot.

We all were to come up with our own outfits, which ended up being interesting, but worked in the end. Mostly, we just danced around to “Baby Got Back.”

Working with a lot of people in a shoot is always challenging, but to do it with friends made it seem silly. I’m glad to have these photos, because I know I’ll look back on them someday and laugh.

Later, our rockin’ photographer, Scott Butner, added Jordyn to the band as a surprise. I’ll let the pictures speak for themsleves:

All photos are by Scott Butner.