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Shooting with Brian

There are only two rules in my house: no drugs and no loaded weapons.

I don’t even know exactly how many guns are in my house right now- my cousin is big into hunting and Brian’s are here. I’ve been around guns my whole life, but I don’t know anything about them. I’ve never shot one, or been taught how to handle one. Because of this, and the fact that my niece is around, the “unloaded” rule is something I’m very strict about.

Brian held a big group shooting event, but I missed it so he took me out separately. I think it actually worked out better this way, allowing me to ask as many questions as I wanted. I learned a lot. How to load a gun, hold it, safety, etc. But I still have a lot to work on: like not pointing it at Brian while I’m talking, keeping my finger off the trigger when I’m not firing…

Okay, I’m not very good with a handgun.

But with a scope, I never missed. (Yay, technology!) Brian said he was impressed and even bragged about me to another male, so I feel like it’s okay for me to feel cool about this. (And like I could be useful in a zombie uprising.)

Other than that, I don’t really like guns. I’m not against people owning them or anything, I just don’t see them as necessary for me. Statistically, I will never need a gun for protection. And if there comes a time when one would have saved me, I’ll be dead, so it won’t matter.

As I loaded the magazine for the gun I’m holding in the 2nd photo, it was unsettling. People do kill people, so why are we making it easier? That gun is specifically designed to do just that, and I never want to own anything made with that intention.

That being said, guns are not going to go away. (We’d just find another way to kill each other, I’m sure.) I think everyone should be taught gun safety for everyone’s safety. At least now I won’t accidentally kill anyone.