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Butter and Guns, love, and I have enough guns for now. So yeah, absolutely, keep the money you work to earn. We’re already a team; putting it on paper just makes it official to the rest of the world. But I already have your back, same as you have mine, we’re equal. I love you more than $90. I love you more than anything $90 buys, or anything $90,000 buys. I love you more than a career, a house, or a car; more than status, celebrity, recognition and praise. I love you more than my computer, the Internet, movies and TV, guns I own, and I even love you more than I love clear plastic boxes, or any box you can can think of. I love you more than sex and more than the Army. I love you more than being right, or thinking I’m right. I love you more than my pride and how loving you reveals flaws in me that give my pride a well-deserved beating every now and then, usually when least expected. I love you more than holding onto those parts of me, even if they made me, me, because you love me, and I might be a fighter, but I’ve done enough of it to know that in a fight between being me and being better, you’d be the winner. I love the things you think and the way you aren’t afraid to tell me when I’m wrong, or when you’re wrong, or when we just see things differently.

Brian sent this to me today.

I love him back.

Like a book whose goodness is measured in what you can take from it, at times I have to remind myself there is not a lesson in everything.

And at that last page, just below the final sentence, there won’t always be a ‘moral of the story’ printed in bold upon my conscience.

Sometimes at the end you just close the book.